How to Mold Crayons

Molded crayons are an easy, fun craft to do with the kids. You can mold crayons into any shape using a tin cupcake or cookie pan. I’ve tried using silicone baking pans, but this method didn’t work very well. The kids can participate every step of the way which makes it an easy craft to do with them. These crayons are wonderful class gifts for Holidays and birthdays.

Items needed:

  • Crayons (Crayola melts and writes the best)
  • Tin cookie or cupcake pan

First, take the paper off all the crayons and place the crayons into your pan. Be sure to put enough crayons in the mold so they are not too thin (2-3 crayons in each mold). I use a razor blade to cut the paper which makes it easier to remove, but when the kids help, they enjoy ripping into the paper.

Bake the crayons low at approximately 220 degrees until they are completely melted. My oven takes approximately 8-10 minutes, but each oven varies.

Let them cool completely and the crayons will easily pop out of the molds.

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