Concrete Easter Eggs

It’s the week before Easter 2020 and we are in the middle of a global pandemic when my kids ask me if we are going to decorate eggs for Easter. Since we are currently quarantined in NYC due to covid and we didn’t have that many eggs to spare, I needed to get creative. Luckily I had some fast setting concrete in my shed and some balloons in my cabinet. This can work with Plaster of Paris too.

What you need:

– Quick set cement

– balloons

– stick (for mixing)

– bucket

– funnel

– somewhere to hang the balloons after they are filled

Mix the quick set concrete with some water in a bucket. Not to thick or watery. It should be easy to mix and pour into a funnel.

Once the funnel is inserted into the balloon, you can start adding the cement. When balloon is filled to the size you want, tie the balloon and hang.

To move the drying process along, I poked a tiny hole at the top of the balloon with a pin. It took a little over an hour to dry completely. Once the cement is hard, you can cut the top of the balloon and peel the balloon off the cement egg.

The top of my cement eggs were a little too pointy so I had to sand down the tops. If you tie the balloons properly before they dry you can probably avoid this sanding step. If not then just wear a mask and gloves to sand.

Once the eggs are completely dry, paint them white with a gesso or primer (a few coats of gesso/primer).

Now the kids have eggs to decorate. Problem solved.

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