I am an artist with a passion for learning new techniques. 

I’ve always found unconventional spaces to be the most artistically nourishing. In high school, rather than use a conventional canvas, I painted a mural on my bedroom wall and painted a rendition of Dali’s clocks from “Persistence of Memory”, melting down a step stool. 

The melted stool inspired me to experiment with images draped over objects. This style of painting makes the image take the form of the object. Some of my “wrapped” pieces can be found on this site. 

Over the years I’ve added other disciplines and developed into a Jane of All Trades or as my husband calls me a Renaissance Woman. I’ve learned how to sew, put together jewelry, make templates for screen printing, sculpt, create digital designs for logos and websites, make various invitations and labels for weddings, birthday parties and showers, paint on glass and ceramic and even mold crayons. My interest in learning new techniques has brought me out to the yard where I’ve laid down pavers, poured a cement patio and even created a herringbone brick pathway. My newest interest is woodworking and I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with a router. I’ve always been able to build things, but now I’m learning how to trim and detail for a polished look.

I’m always up for a challenge and a new task, so please contact me if you have one.

– Ciyo

Canvas22 Creations Artist Ciyo
Canvas22 Creations Artist